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BOLDUBole Language and Documentation Unit (anthropoloy; linguistics)
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Belki biraz da bu yuzden sohbeti hos, hikayeleri boldu.
The two lived in the parish of San Boldu in a home owned by Marc' Antonio Grimani; it was the noble Grimani who first contacted the Venetian authorities.
Other than the already-known work of Giovanni Faustini, who seems to have chronicled every move he ever made (as described in the Venetian State Archives Scuola Grande de San Marco), they have found documents to flesh out the work of other impresarios including Boldu, Barbieri, Lappoli, Ceroni, Minato, Vettor Grimani Calergi, and others.
On that same day, the 7th December 1791, Manuel Marrugat y Boldu wrote lo the viceroy informing him that:
Leslie Lawrence (Con Northfield) Chairman, Alexandra Healthcare (Redditch) NHS Trust, Education, IT and business advisor Boldu Ltd, (Birmingham Crew Learning Development Unit).