BOMCBlessed Orientation-Memory-Concentration (cognitive assessment)
BOMCBook-of-the-Month Club, Inc. (Time Warner, Inc; New York, NY)
BOMCBritish Olympic Medical Centre (UK)
BOMCBaronial Order of Magna Charta (est. 1898)
BOMCBurnt Orange Media Conspiracy
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The BOMC consciously marketed its literary-fiction offerings as a means of cultivation for readers of varying backgrounds "seeking a model for contemporary living and even practical advice about appropriate behavior in a changing world" (Radway, "Book" 276).
BOMC's editors find the best literature, history, current affairs, health and lifestyle titles for its members.
(129) See Bancoklahoma, 194 F.3d at 1099 ("The Supreme Court's decision in Forsyth compels us to hold that BOMC's RICO claims are not barred by the McCarran-Ferguson Act."); LaBane, 175 F.3d at 643 ("As we stated in Doe, Minnesota law permits only administrative recourse for violations of [section] 72A.20 and, unlike RICO, does not provide a private cause of action for violations of this provision ....
The agreement at issue "prohibited LMS from delegating any of its duties without BOMC's prior written consent." Id.
But if discovering that a paltry $3,360.79 went into The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories in 1937 raises the question of what Scribner's spent that same year on Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings's The Yearling (itself a BOMC selection)--alas, that question is beyond the scope of The Lousy Racket.
As Charles Lee writes in his history of the BOMC, The Hidden Public, when it came to words, Scherman "might not make them sing, but he could make them sell."
The BOMC selected a new book each month especially for its members to buy.
Radway's performance as researcher and author reveals conflicted motives similar to those of BOMC subscribers.
Radway identifies too closely with BOMC's professional readers - including one who left Berkeley after receiving an M.A.
Banc One offers mortgage loans primarily through BOMC.(43) BOMC offers a range of affordable housing products, participates in a number of down-payment assistance programs, and offers certain loans that feature flexible underwriting and lower closing costs for real property renovation.
The CRA performance examinations indicate that Banc One's subsidiary banks in Ohio, in conjunction with BOMC, generally offered a range of loans for affordable housing and home improvements.
All the same, the author despaired of the "sorry record of the quality of the selections" and that "the reading diet of [book club] members is neither rich nor nourishing." Yet, to the Book-of-the-Month Club's credit, the author does concede that their "selections range well above" those of "the average of American publishing as a whole" (421), an observation perhaps confirmed by the BOMC's choice of Warren's Selected Poems in 1976.