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BOMPBeta-Barrel Outer Membrane Proteins
BOMPBill Of Materials Processor
BOMPBoard of Medical Practice (various states)
BOMPBarn Owl Monitoring Programme
BOMPBan on Monty Python (forum slang)
BOMPBristol Open Music Project
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Funny, brilliant and subversive, Who Took the Bomp is guaranteed to get your feminist dander up and make you ache for a reunion tour.
A sufficient condition for BOMP to robust reconstruct h is
Buddy Holly borrowed the bomp ba-bomp bomp, bomp bomp rhythm for his song Not Fade Away.
Bomp! looked back to the origins of rock 'n' roll, the Beatles and the British invasion, the US girl groups of the 1960s and garage music.
Shaw founded Bomp! Records in 1974 to release a single by the Flamin' Groovies and later managed the group.
Bomp, bang, klud, and down drops a set of categories, 'academic', 'civic', 'planning', 'exhibitions', that sort of thing, all in different versions of the same sans serif typeface.
(64.) Barry Mann & Gerry Goffin, Who Put the Bomp, on BARRY MANN, WHO PUT THE BOMP (ABC-Paramount 1961) ("When my baby heard/'Bomp bah bah bomp'/'Bah bomp bah bomp bah'/Every word went right into her heart.").
PRESIDENT'S PLAYLIST Gimme Some of That Barack 'n' Roll Music Michelle Ma Belle Born In The USA (no, really, I've got a certificate to prove it) Funky President Who Put The Bomp In The Bomp Bah Bomp Bah Bomp?
Kathleen Hanna, most recently of the band Julie Ruin but most famous for her time with the hugely influential riot grrrl trailblazers Bikini Kill, has caused a bit of a stir in an interview with CNN to promote a documentary on her acclaimed electro-punk group, Le Tigre, titled "Who took the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour." Hanna, discussing female pop stars such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, said, "People have always had these weird things about how you have to be really good-looking to be a singer.