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BOMPBill Of Materials Processor
BOMPBoard of Medical Practice (various states)
BOMPBarn Owl Monitoring Programme
BOMPBristol Open Music Project
BOMPBan on Monty Python (forum slang)
BOMPBeta-Barrel Outer Membrane Proteins
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We can find that accurate recovery condition of BOMP is looser than OMP.
Barry Mann & Gerry Goffin, Who Put the Bomp, on BARRY MANN, WHO PUT THE BOMP (ABC-Paramount 1961) ("When my baby heard/'Bomp bah bah bomp'/'Bah bomp bah bomp bah'/Every word went right into her heart.
This new procedure was initiated as a result of the decision of the contracting authority 11/17/2014 date not to award the contract for reasons of general interest (declaration no further; reference number of the initial published in BOAMP market: BOMP A No 153 of 08.