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Most thermoplastic materials have poor compatibility and bonding characteristics with the more polar family of polyurethanes.
Knit line and rubber-to-metal or rubber-to-rubber bonding failures result when contamination from the mold surface interferes with the bonding process.
As well as showing that the aqueous adhesives were effective in bonding all of the NBRs tested at normal film thicknesses, this work showed that some NBRs can be successfully bonded to metal with an extremely thin film of adhesive.
After bonding, the parts cooled for at least 12 hours at ambient conditions before testing.
The greatest increase of bond strength at the membrane-adhesive interface has been achieved so far by the addition of a primer to the bonding process, rendering a more easily-wetted EPDM surface.
Specifications for many parts involving adhesive bonding include both bond strength requirements and bond strength measurement procedures.
Even with the highly efficient methods of analysis available it is still not possible to determine the impact of physical, chemical and other reactions on the bonding strength by quantitative measurements.
With the addition of the second office they can continue to serve the greater Houston area and are now able to expand their bail bonding services to people with warrants that live in the Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita, Huffman, Spring, Tomball, Porter, Dayton and Crosby area.
Fourth generation bonding resins have been researched the longest of these and have a proven track record with dentists.
Equipped with two bonding heads, the FC150 that will be installed at IMEC's facility in Leuven, Belgium, supports a broad range of various bonding processes: thermo-compression, solder reflow, UV curing, etc.
For more than 25 years, urethane adhesives have been used successfully in automotive applications such as fascia bonding and in large-volume marine applications.
In addition, while many foundries use the methylene blue test to control clay levels, available bond tests are useful because they include all bonding influences.