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BONNBeast of No Nation
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While Paris set the bar for ambition, Bonn established the road map for action.
And Bonn is the center of a nationwide Schumann Network that was founded at our initiative.
Ten years after the first Afghanistan Conference in Bonn in 2001, the international community is meeting in Bonn again on 5 December 2011.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is also turning up at the Bonn Conference.
The framework set up in Bonn would hopefully induce the Taliban and other militants to join elusive peace talks with the US-backed government of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, he added.
Bonn conference boycott decision, he said, the government will first see
We note our continued efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with particular attention to plans for the December 5 Bonn Conference on Afghanistan and the international community's long-term commitment to support sustainable security and economic development in Afghanistan.
Christof Burger, University Hospital Bonn says: "Many of our patients choose to stay in Bonn before and after medical treatment.
As a result, the internationally-sponsored Bonn Conference of 2001 deliberately provided each Afghan opposing group with a share of power in the political administration of post-Taliban Afghanistan; however, neither the international organizers of the Bonn Conference nor Afghan participating groups took democracy and the democratic right of the people of Afghanistan as an issue of central importance.
A 01/05/ /F 00), Herbert-Reeck-Stiftung (Bonn, Germany), and the BONFOR program of the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn (grant no.
Contacts with other denominations led to the 1931 Bonn Agreement, which established intercommunion between Anglican and Old-Catholic churches.