BOODBooch Object Oriented Design (software design method)
BOODBoard of Operating Directors
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Now the well born bachelors of her set, having more blue bood, but much less wealth, than they needed, admired her, paid her compliments, danced with her, but could not afford to marry her.
And as softly shall I come creeping To thee shall I come creeping And thy life's bood drain away.
Bood pressure is the most important cause of death and disability in the world.
Producao do documento: os produtos de trabalho referem-se a producao do documento tanto na sua forma como no conteudo (Barbandere & Iny, 2010; Bood & Postma, 1998; Chermack, 2006, 2011; Heinecke & Schwager, 1995; Schoemaker, 1998, 2004, 2005; Snyder & Schoemaker, 2009).
Hala salhast ke digar hich name be maghsad Nemiresad Hala bad az an hame saal an hame doori An hame saboori Man didam az haman sar sobh assode Hey boye bale kabootar va Naye tazeye nanaye noreside miayad Pas begoo gharar bood ke to biayee va .
Thus, while the Court did not overturn A bood, it sent a loud message that its days may be numbered.
and Rhonda Roorda, co-author of the bood trilogy 'In Their Own Voices: Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Stories'.
The reason why the example of the bood of God in Islam is Hussein's blood and not others' returns us to the unique qualities of Hussein's martyrdom in Karbala.
Bernardina Magdoza, a resident of Bood village in Maribojoc, planned to go to the cemetery on All Saints' Day and light candles for her 91-year-old aunt, Luisa, who was killed during the earthquake.
There is evidence that different combinations of affect are associated with several indicators (Norlander, Bood & Archer, 2002).
Test for detection of porphyrins in the bood, urine and stool were undertaken.