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"The author of that book," said the curate, "was the same that wrote
After the most conscientious revision the book had last year been published, and had been distributed among the booksellers.
Oh, we'll write a famous book between us, Captain Jim.
It now occurred to me--after the movement which I had detected on the part of the Major--that the clew might quite as probably present itself in the form of a book.
His Hiawatha was a new book during one of those terrible Lake Shore winters, but all the other poems were old friends with me by that time.
When we grew older, what happy hours did we not spend with our books. How the printed words made us forget the world in which we live, and carried us away to a wonderland,
Old Dobbins will ask who it was tore his book. Nobody'll answer.
Every time her hand searched for either of these, it would touch the book; and, sooner or later (who knows?) the book might touch HER.
The eyes of Partridge sparkled at this news, which Jones now proclaimed aloud; and so did (though with somewhat a different aspect) those of the poor fellow who had found the book; and who (I hope from a principle of honesty) had never opened it: but we should not deal honestly by the reader if we omitted to inform him of a circumstance which may be here a little material, viz.
That book was published in 1840, and was at once talked of everywhere.
Indeed, on these occasions he would feel so encouraged, he would carry his daring to such a pitch, that, rising softly from his chair, he would approach the bookshelves, take thence a book, and read over to himself some passage or another.
Nevertheless our old game with the haver of a thing, as she called it, was continued, with this difference, that it was now she who carried the book covertly upstairs, and I who replaced it on the shelf, and several times we caught each other in the act, but not a word said either of us; we were grown self-conscious.