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BOOTESBurst Observer and Optical Transient Exploring System
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Mr Bootes, who brought Tolwood Technologies out of administration, saving more than 100 jobs in November 2005, said he has since invested pounds 2m in that business, which has seen staff numbers rise to 120.
Mr Bootes said: "There are good opportunities for people from the top to the bottom of the company.
The name Bootes is often said to come from a Greek term meaning "ox driver.
Arcturus is so bright that many people glance over the rest of Bootes too quickly.
Within hours, Belokurov replied that he had found yet another Milky Way satellite, a dwarf galaxy in the constellation Bootes.
Luke Bootes, 18, from Sheerness, Kent, was charged with three counts of causing death by careless driving while drunk, aggravated vehicle taking, driving while unfit through drink and driving without insurance.
The constellation Bootes is called the Herdsman--the name literally means an ox-herd.
It is thought Southern investor Vincent Bootes has snapped up the Newton Aycliffe operation.