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BOOTESBurst Observer and Optical Transient Exploring System
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The firm said that with Bootes, fintech service providers can communicate with multiple credit union core systems.
High up, between Leo, Bootes, and the Big Dipper are the dim but
Mr Bootes predicted "a very good future" for Tolwood Technologies and is aiming for major expansion of the business, a key Nissan supplier which turned over about pounds 15m last year.
It is said to be an "average" meteor shower that produces up to 40 shooting stars every hour radiating from the constellation called Bootes.
LITTLE star Jessica Bootes is shining brighter than ever just weeks after coming out of a coma from the car smash that almost killed her.
The name Bootes is often said to come from a Greek term meaning "ox driver." According to some tales, Bootes invented the ox-drawn plow to make the cultivation of crops easier.
The brightest star very high in this direction around map time is orange Arcturus in Bootes, the Cowherd.
Vincent Bootes has bought pounds 3m turnover Durham Precision Engineering (DPE), which is next to his pounds 15m turnover automotive parts business Tolwood Technologies on Aycliffe Industrial Park in Newton Aycliffe.
Within hours, Belokurov replied that he had found yet another Milky Way satellite, a dwarf galaxy in the constellation Bootes. One of the faintest Milky Way satellite ever discovered, it lies about 200,000 light-years from Earth.
The constellation Bootes is called the Herdsman--the name literally means an ox-herd.