BOPCBoard of Police Commissioners
BOPCBuffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy (Buffalo, NY)
BOPCBFTT Operator Processor Console
BOPCBeam-Space Optimum Combining
BOPCBoard of Privatisation Commission (Pakistan)
BOPCBack Office Personal Computer
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'I hope DOLE will uphold this stand which is backed by the OFW sector,' BOPC head Susan Ople said in her Twitter post.
Circunscripcion de 2 nivel Provincia Escanos Barcel.: 85 por Tarrag.: 18 circunscripcion Gerona: 17 de 2 nivel Lerida: 15 Propuesta CpC * Tamano de la camara Entre 120 y 150 Formula electoral d'Hondt Barrera legal minima 3% Forma de las candidaturas Circunscripcion Electoral Veguerias Circunscripcion de 2 nivel Escanos por circunscripcion de 2 nivel * CpC presento una Proposicion de Ley como Iniciativa Legislativa Popular publicada en el BOPC (23/2/2009) donde desarrolla con detalle su propuesta.
The MPSNR of ICPT is the same that of the BOPC scheme in a specific region.
In BOPC, a digital logo L is embedded into a host image S with all the same size X x Y to create a watermarked image W.
The DHST, DHPT, CPT, DHSPT, Kim et al., PI-Preserve, BOPC, and ICPT methods are applied to halftone images generated with error diffusion.
[12], Pi-Preserve, BOPC, and our proposed scheme (ICPT) for an error diffusion halftone.
Ishikawa et al., "BopC is a novel type III effector secreted by Bordetella bronchiseptica and has a critical role in type III-dependent necrotic cell death," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
BOPC together with leaders of the Philippine Association of Service Exporters Inc.
Limited Tenders are invited for Fore Court Controller Up-Gradation For Bopc Functionality At Various Retail Ro