BOPDBarrels of Oil Per Day
BOPDBroken Orange Pekoe Dust (tea)
BOPDBataan Ocean Petroleum Depot
BOPDBurned Out Paranoid Democrat (blog)
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Pir Apan-1 discovery made in March, 2012 producing 375 BOPD and 18 MMCFD gas, Piraro Deep-1 discovery made in April, 2012 which is producing 483 BOPD and 15.
In December 2008 Gran Tierra Energy produced approximately 2,250 BOPD net after royalty, down from a maximum of approximately 13,000 BOPD net after royalty attained in late November.
The latest well, the Worrior-6 well was drilled in 2007 and came in with an initial potential of 2300 BOPD.
The Worrior #1 is reported to be flowing at a rate of 1,200 BOPD and is capable of 2,400 BOPD when connected to the production pipeline.
Stabilized production from the Sembakung field will now approximate 3,300 BOPD.
Four exploration/exploitation wells drilled during the first six months of 1996 are already on production, adding approximately 18 MMCFD and 500 BOPD net.
Muthero-3 commenced production at around 525 BOPD in February 2006, but ceased continuous free-flow in April when the water cut reached 20% of production.
Production thus far for the second quarter of 1996 is averaging approximately 33,000 BOPD, as compared to 29,100 BOPD in the first quarter of 1996 and 14,900 BOPD for all of 1995.
owned by Continental Resources) stands alone as the leader, with 2000-5000 BOPD being common to this group, along with twice the norm in gas production.
The Scott Paper 2-33 is pumping 150 BOPD from a Hosston zone below 12,000 feet.
The UM-#27 well is currently producing at a rate of 1,830 BOPD on a 1/2 inch choke with flowing tubing pressure of 350 pounds per square inch.