BOPFBusiness Object Processing Framework
BOPFBroken Orange Pekoe Fannings (tea)
BOPFBasic Oxygen Process Furnace
BOPFBattle of the Pelennor Fields (game)
BOPFBiaxially Oriented Polyester Film
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The grades of black tea are orange pekoe (OP) broken, orange pekoe (BOP) neko fanning (BOPF), Fanning, and dust.
Ten principal grades were manufactured, of which BOP at 54% was the highest, followed by BOPF at 13%, Broken Pekoe at 10%, with BM at 3%.
For instance, a conventional 20 foot container of black tea BOPF grade will weigh about 10 metric tons, whereas a 20 foot container of rose hips will weigh 18 metric tons.