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BOPISBuy Online Pickup In Store (sales)
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The popularity of BOPIS is on the rise, with usage up over 46% in the most recent holiday season.
Respondents also expect a slight bump up in the "BOPIS" model (12% now, but 15% in two years) and in the "ship to customer from vendor" (i.e., drop ship) model, going from 12% today to 15% in two years.
Half of respondents said they used BOPIS services in the last 12 months, a 44% increase since the 2015 survey.
2017 will see increased charges for online orders (57% plan to or will make this change in the next 12 months), a rise in minimum order thresholds for free standard home delivery (62% plan to or will make this change in the next 12 months), and raising the minimum order value for BOPIS (55% plan to or will make this change in the next 12 months).
Inventory in such systems is then used for fulfilling online orders or buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) orders.
For Olson, using a big box's buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) feature has been a major draw, but he says even major chains need some work before their BOPIS programs are reliable.
Crispy pata, tokwa't baboy, and bopis made the perfect bar chow.
Important investments in technology, including a shared inventory system, endless aisle, Client Book and BOPIS have been made.
Technology retailers currently have and plan to add in next three years Currently Plan to add in have next 3 years Email marketing 63% 25% Mobile apps 31% 25% Loyalty program 19% 44% Order online pick-up in store (BOPIS) 19% 25% Online customer service chat bots 19% 19% Text/SMS communications to customers 13% 44% Buy online return in store (BORIS) 13% 25% In-store ordering kiosks 13% 13% In-store pick-up kiosks 13% 13% In-store robotics/artificial intelligence 6% 6% Geofencing 0% 44% Common retail mobile app features Store locations 80% Product images and details 80% Customer feedback/reviews 80% Coupons/sales 60% Order/delivery tracking 40% Loyalty program tie-in 40% Customer service interface 40% Ordering system 20% Note: Table made from bar graph.
I also serve crispy kare kare, bopis perogis, burger steak with rice, beef pares, sisig taco, taho, pan de sal with embutido, pork isaw, kwek kwek, barbecue, buko pandan, halo halo, and ice scramble.
Providing options like click and collect--also known as buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS)--means that consumers don't have to stress over finding a few items in a big store or worry about keeping track of energetic children.