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BOQBachelor Officers' Quarters
BOQBank of Queensland (Queensland, Australia)
BOQBill of Quantities
BOQBeginning of Quarter
BOQBase Officers' Quarters
BOQBasic Overnight Quarters (Camp Hill, PA)
BOQBunch of Questions (web forums)
BOQBegin of Quote
BOQBasic Officers Qualification
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This concludes the review of IBAL's ratings (as BOQ Specialist was known before 31 July 2014), commenced on 2 December 2013.
As part of the transaction, BOQ acquired the Professional Finance and Asset Finance businesses of the former IBAL.
This is based on the substantial progress BOQ has already made in integrating BOQ Specialist.
Stuart Grimshaw, BOQ's CEO and managing director, said that the strong competition had forced BOQ to make the move after months of covering the high costs of funding in order to keep its rates unchanged.
The initial blast that broke the glass of the French door windows in the BOQ caused the injury to her calf muscle.
According to Reynolds, the gentleman lying on the table was someone she knew well; he lived next door to her in the BOQ.
Reynolds returned to the BOQ on Christmas morning to see what she could salvage.
2 min in large adults) and is short relative to the rate of change in thermal environment at BOQ and GVH.
e] models at BOQ and GVH in patches of habitat that were actively used by rock rattlesnakes, To avoid potentially confounding effects of slope and angle of exposure in comparisons between GVH and BOQ, I sampled sites at each locality with similar slope and direction of exposure (within 2 [degrees], measured with a Brunton surveyor's compass).
This is a significant and important partnership for BOQ and we are looking forward to working with CIT on an ongoing basis to continue to bring global opportunities to the local business.
We anticipate a seamless transition and look forward to joining the BOQ team.
Jim Stabback, who was formerly consumer division executive director at Telstra, will join BOQ as group executive- IT and Operations, in September, the bank said.