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The students were all enrolled at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and decided to live together as an alternative to traditional dormitory living, as they believed communal living would be "pleasant, convenient, promotive of scholarly exchange, and within their pocketbooks." Boraas v.
population (Boraas, 2003; Independent Sector and Urban Institute, 2004; U.S.
Then, it would be less likely to narrow the gender wage gap simply by expanding occupational choices (Boraas and Rodgers 2003).
As one sex worker indicated, "In situations where no condom was used, I was pricked by my conscience." In one survey of 132 SWAA users, fear of infection was the single most important motive for use, although more than 40 percent of the respondents cited protection from infection and from unwanted pregnancy as factors (Boraas and Asante 2003).
However, taking up his challenge (Your Views, June 30) to give one example of a genetic mutation which increases complexity: the evolution of multicellularity in a unicellular green alga has been observed and documented (Boraas 1983; Boraas et al 1998).
Labor economists have established that while education and labor force participation help to offset the gender wage gap, it is by far the power of occupational segregation that contributes the strongest impact upon the gender wage gap (Boraas, & Rodgers, 2003).
The chassis are packaged as "Completely Knocked Down" by Volvo Buses in Boraas, Sweden and are being built locally at the company's assembly plant in Gaborone, Botswana.
(4.) DiNatale, M and Boraas, S, "The labor force experience of women from 'Generation X.'" Monthly Labor Review, March 2002.
The title was suggested by Alberta Stephan, Eklutna elder, who is familiar in the Upper Cook Inlet Dena'ina dialect, and by Professor Alan Boraas, who teaches anthropology at Kenai Peninsula College, a branch of the University of Alaska Anchorage.
Includes contributions by Martha Farnsworth Riche, Marisa DiNatale, Stephanie Boraas, Alma Salganicoff, Barbara Wentworth, Liberty Greene, Jessica DeGroot, Joyce Fine, and Lani Luciano.
For example, metabolic and nutritional modes are astonishingly diverse and fluid; it is estimated that a large fraction of photoautotrophic plankton can simultaneously use heterotrophic nutrition (mixotrophy), either by uptake of dissolved organic solutes or by ingestion of organic particles (Boraas et al., 1988; Stoecker, 1992).
Workman, 1977; Workman et al., 1980; Reger and Boraas, 1993), and elsewhere on Kodiak Island.