BORBBirmingham Object Recognition Battery
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A significant impairment resulted on the object decision task from the BORB [53], suggesting an isolated mild disruption at the structural description stage of visual processing [60].
Humphreys, BORB: Birmingham Object Recognition Battery, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Hove, UK, 1993.
Tha teachdaireachd Trump a cheart cho borb agus feargach 's a bha i riamh air ceist na h-inimriche.
Tha cogadh borb Shiria air a bhith a' dol tri bliadhna.
Tenders are invited for services for the drafting of the project and subsequent optional direction of the rehabilitation works of the building of the carrer joan de borb, nm.
Tenders are invited for Services for the drafting of a project and subsequent optional management of the rehabilitation works of the building of Carrer Joan de Borb, no.
Tenders are invited for provision of service equipment located in the joan de borb promenade of the port of barcelona
Tenders are invited for Procurement of 30 NOS BORB wagons (thru e- tender/SRM without Reverse Auction).
JC (Intal) and Borbs (Borboran) were big down the stretch.'