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BORGCyborg (Cybernetic Organism; Star Trek Universe)
BORGBinary Operations Research Group
BORGBMRT Ordinary Rendering GUI
BORGBuell Owner and Repair Group
BORGBrandeis Official Readers' Guild
BORGBuying Organization
BORGBored with the Ordinary Reading Group
BORGBig Old Retail Giant
BORGBanks Organized Religion Government
BORGBusiness and Organizational Leadership
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Borg's rival, John McEnroe is played by Shia LaBeouf in the film.
He told Borg, who had no previous convictions, that the incident will matter in terms of his employability when he comes to look for a job.
Borg Vs McEnroe bottles emotions beneath a pristine exterior and some briskly edited tennis sequences.
Borg Vs McEnroe heeds that advice, bottling emotions beneath a pristine exterior and some briskly edited tennis sequences.
Borg in 1980 was at the peak of his powers and the undisputed world number one, but others like McEnroe and Ivan Lendl were catching up, and the Swede surprised the tennis world by announcing his retirement in 1983 aged just 26.
Baseline Group has a total of 90 employees and a turnover in 2015 for the BjA[pilcrow sign]rn Borg brand of approximately EUR 23.3m with an EBIT of about EUR -0.7m.
Mohammed Fawaz Al Bishry, Chairman of the Board of Al Borg Medical Laboratories, added, "We are delighted to be entering into this partnership, as we believe this will provide our business with the additional resources and expertise to continue to strengthen our brand, consolidate our position in our domestic market and facilitate our growth plans across the Middle East."
However Borg, of Quay View, in Willington Quay, pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving and two other charges of driving with excess alcohol and without insurance.
Alongside scholars such as John Dominic Crossan, Borg was a leader in the Jesus Seminar, which brought a skeptical eye to the Scriptures and in particular to supernatural claims about Jesus' miracles and his resurrection from the dead.
Borg's fellow tennis stars Mats Wilander and Stefan Edberg ranked 26th and 30th, with former Sweden footballers Tomas Brolin and Henrik Larsson 35th and 37th respectively.
Borg, who is on an official visit in Cyprus, had a meeting with the Health Minister Philippos Patsalis and discussed the implementation of the National Health Scheme (NHS), the autonomy of hospitals and other health reforms such as the introduction of e-health, and the digitalisation of patients' records.