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After a decades-long crusade, aided by a network of University of Chicago scholars, Reagan administration appointees, judges, corporate lobbyists and executives, and even some willing Democrats, Bork got the antitrust establishment to adopt his circumscribed, dangerous vision.
If Bork had been seated on the Supreme Court, instead of Judge Clarence Thomas, who subsequently took that seat, the outcome of Heller v.
In fact, Dolan, who was writing a story critical of Bork's position that privacy was not a constitutional right, wanted to illustrate the lack of protection.
Later polling on the Bork and Miers nominations showed even closer divisions of opinion for them than is seen in the initial measurement of Kavanaugh.
Peterson and Bork were joined at the hip for their first two decades.
Where Bork led, most conservatives were ready to follow.
"One sees there is more than merely a desire for connubial bliss, however misplaced," Judge Bork said.
Bork said Burger King does not see a reason to change its corporate strategy, despite the general sales decline in the industry.
In his 1978 book, The Antitrust Paradox: A Policy at War with Itself, (1) Bork argued that antitrust law made sense and was socially beneficial only if seen as simply an anti-monopoly, purely economic measure; the sole purpose of which was to protect free market competition in the interest of serving consumer welfare.
Inside the 2,500-square-foot store, Bork has laid out her "eclectic" and "whimsical" inventory: refashioned and vintage clothing, china sets, antique dolls, vintage linens, antique chandeliers, antique books, handmade candles, vintage and antique furniture, and a rustic sled.
Judge Bork was a man of action as well as a man of ideas.
Bork said European beech works especially well with accent woods that have a contrasting color, such as mahogany.