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BORMBusiness Operational Risk Management (bank; Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
BORMBoard of Registration in Medicine (Massachusetts)
BORMBusiness Object Relation Modeling (est. 1993)
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The most radical critique comes from Jan Borm, according to whom travel writing "is not a genre, but a collective term for a variety of texts both predominantly fictional and non-fictional whose main theme is travel" (13).
Borm (scientific computing, Christian-Albrechts U., Kiel, Germany) and Mehl (numerical mathematics, Technical U.
Invariably, the highest coal ash concentration adversely affected the plant metabolism vis-a-vis its growth which might be attributed to higher concentration of heavy metals in the system leading to toxic effect (Sushil et al., 2006; Donaldson and Borm, 1998).
Reporting one's thoughts in what Borm defines as "travel books" or "travel literature" (Borm 15) (15) developed into a common practice among visitors.
No entanto, foi com o advento da nanotecnologia que as perspectivas para a utilizacao de nanoparticulas em diagnosticos de doencas tornaram-se a principal promessa das pesquisas medicas, principalmente com os estudos que envolvem administracao de medicamentos, terapia e investigacao genetica, marcacao molecular e metodos de deteccao optica, desencadeando uma revolucao molecular (BORM, 2006).
(7.) Lerou JG, Dirksen R, Beneken Kolmer HH, Booij LH, Borm GF.
This is precisely the situation considered by Borm, Melis, Teerenstra and Peer (2005) (hereafter BMTP) who suggest an interesting compromise between cluster randomization and individual randomization, a method they call "pseudo cluster randomization." This research focuses on extending results found in BMTP (2005) to the following cases: (1) the case where the value of the ICC cannot be estimated precisely, (2) the case where treatment effects vary across clusters, (3) the case where the criterion function for determining an optimal design/estimator is mean squared error, rather than statistical power.
Hanso Hasso Weichbrodt and his wife Borm Jan Gesa Weichbrodt, who have been visiting the country since mid-September, were attacked early last week.
Similarly, "only few specific nanoparticles have been investigated in a limited number of test systems and extrapolation of this data to other materials is not possible," according to a review conducted for the European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC; Borm et al.