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BORMBusiness Operational Risk Management (bank; Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
BORMBoard of Registration in Medicine (Massachusetts)
BORMBusiness Object Relation Modeling (est. 1993)
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Based in Lebbeke in Belgium, Vondelmolen was founded by the Borms family in 1867 and remains family-owned today.
Payne and Daka have both been extremely helpful during the course of the application," said Jan Borms at Vomdelmolen.
Hebbelinck, Borms Test) It's Belgian test to measure the motor performance including (4) test three of them of the researchers running 30 metres to measure speed using seconds; throw a tennis ball to the farthest distance using centimetres, and long jump from persistence using centimetres.
With an educational background in the moral sciences, Belgian Tayart de Borms has been involved with foundations for over 20 years, mostly in Europe but also the US.
Keynote speakers include Robert-Jan Smits from the European Commission, Hans Schutte from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Jasper Wesseling from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Theo Schuyt from VU University Amsterdam and Luc Tayart de Borms from the King Baudouin Foundation.