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BORNBoard of Registration in Nursing (Massachusetts)
BORNBangladesh Online Research Network
BORNBirth Options Research Network (est. 2003; Canada)
BORNBody Organ Replacement Network (the movie B.O.R.N.)
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And I knew then that the First Born had stolen it from the ships of Helium, for only they are thus geared.
There we made our plans for the immediate future, binding ourselves by a solemn oath to fight to the death for one another against whatsoever enemies should confront us, for we knew that even should we succeed in escaping the First Born we might still have a whole world against us--the power of religious superstition is mighty.
We had performed the miraculous and come through a thousand dangers unscathed--we had escaped from the land of the First Born.
Although foreign-born Mexican Americans displayed only slightly lower rates of psychiatric disorders than non-Hispanic white immigrants did, Mexican Americans born in the United States enjoyed a clear mental health advantage over U.
Cliff Brown * Born August 10, 1929 in Birmingham, Ala.
In addition, they estimated age at immigration and the number of years since immigration for clients born outside the United States (defined as the 50 states).
Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, Avedisian worked for the Taylor & Fenn Co.
Infant mortality rates are known to be higher than average among babies born to teenagers, often because of neonatal deaths related to preterm delivery and low birth weight.
Ortega's great-grandfather Santiago Garcia - Ysidora's father - was born in Sonora, Calif.
Although Condie was born in Vancouver and has worked at the NFB's headquarters in Montreal for much of the 1990s, his roots are in Winnipeg's zany filmmaking community.