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BORSBarrett Optical Ranging System (electronic ballistic computer)
BORSBritish Orthopaedic Research Society
BORSBritish Operational Research Society
BORSBlatt Object Relations Scale
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"How can you be bored? Why, you live in the liveliest set in Petersburg," said Anna.
"Possibly the people who are not of our set are even more bored; but we--I certainly--are not happy, but awfully, awfully bored."
a ship of fools!" Dag Daughtry exulted; repeating what he had expressed in the hold, as he bored the last barrel, listened to the good water gurgling away into the bilge, and chuckled over his discovery of the Ancient Mariner on the same lay as his own.
"I was bored once," he added, "for ten years or so; I ought to know!"
That's the way I always do--I just go 'round, 'round, 'round and talk, talk, talk--I never get bored. You been up the Rigi yet?"
I ain't ever bored, on a trip like this, if I can make new acquaintances and talk.
She was bored when too minute an account was given of the Fussell family, of the anxieties of Charles concerning Naples, of the movements of Mr.
Do what he would, he fell into such a mood of abstraction that Gowan said again, 'I am very much afraid my mother has bored you?' To which he roused himself to answer, 'Not at all!' and soon relapsed again.
'You are evidently out of spirits,' said Gowan; 'I am very much afraid my mother must have bored you dreadfully.'
But the weather is extremely trying, and she really has been bored to death down at our place in Lincolnshire."
"We bored you so that you left," said Ridley, speaking directly to his wife.
Pepper was a bore; Rachel was an unlicked girl, no doubt prolific of confidences, the very first of which would be: "You see, I don't get on with my father." Willoughby, as usual, loved his business and built his Empire, and between them all she would be considerably bored. Being a woman of action, however, she rose, and said that for her part she was going to bed.