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BOSBoston Red Sox (baseball team)
BOSBoston, MA, USA - Logan International Airport (Airport Code)
BOSBoard of Supervisors (municipal government body; various locations)
BOSBank of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)
BOSBoard Of Studies
BOSBook of Shadows
BOSBantuan Operasional Sekolah (Indonesian: School Operating Assistance)
BOSBranch of Service
BOSBill of Sale
BOSBusiness of Science
BOSBottom of Steel (manufacturing)
BOSBank of Scotland
BOSBank of Singapore
BOSBorneo Orangutan Survival (Foundation; formerly Balikpapan Orangutan Society)
BOSBlue Ocean Strategy (book)
BOSBusiness Operating System
BOSBrotherhood of Steel
BOSBurnout Syndrome (behavioral health)
BOSBank of Slovenia
BOSBusiness of Software (conference)
BOSBehörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben (German: Public Safety Authorities and Organizations)
BOSBusiness Outsourcing Solutions (various companies)
BOSBest of Show
BOSBusiness Outlook Survey (various organizations)
BOSBalance of System
BOSBoulder Open Space (Colorado)
BOSBest Opposite Sex (animal competition award)
BOSBalance of State
BOSBeginning of Stream
BOSBusiness Operations Support
BOSBlock Operating System
BOSBusiness Object Superviseur
BOSBatch Operating System
BOSBronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome (respiratory disease)
BOSBanking Ombudsman Scheme (India)
BOSBetter Online Solutions (Israel)
BOSBarber of Seville (opera)
BOSBattlefield Operating Systems
BOSBase Operating System
BOSBase of Support (physical therapy)
BOSBase Operating Support
BOSBasic Operating System
BOSBritish Origami Society (UK)
BOSBack Office System
BOSBasic Oxygen Steelmaking
BOSBank of Switzerland
BOSBackup proxy Server
BOSBreathing Oxygen System
BOSBase of Skull (anatomy)
BOSBalikpapan Orangutan Society
BOSBilbao Orkestra Sinfonikoa (Spanish: Bilbao Symphony Orchestra; Bilbao, Spain)
BOSBinary Device Object Store
BOSBook of Style (American Association for Medical Transcription)
BOSBasic Overseer Server
BOSBooks over Seas (Palos Verdes Peninsula High School; California)
BOSBroadband Operating System (Enron)
BOSBase Operation Support
BOSBromsgrove Operatic Society (UK)
BOSBusiness Office Supervisor
BOSBoots of Speed (NetHack)
BOSBook of Occasional Services (Episcopal Church)
BOSBase Operations Services
BOSBuschke-Ollendorff Syndrome
BOSBusiness Optimization Server (computing)
BOSBit Oriented Signaling (AT&T)
BOSBright Object Sensor
BOSBritish Orthodontics Society
BOSBusiness Operations Support (Sprint)
BOSBilling Output Specification (Sprint)
BOSBusiness Object Summit
BOSBackup Operating System
BOSBrazil Offshore Services
BOSBrothers of Struggle (gang faction)
BOSBattalion Orderly Sergeant
BOSBoston Celtics Limited Partnership (stock symbol)
BOSBase of Salt
BOSBasic Organization Structure (Army)
BOSBoyfriend Over Shoulder
BOSBall of Steel
BOSBehavior Observation System
BOSBrotherhood of Soldiers (gaming clan)
BOSBeacon Only Site (FAA radar)
BOSBarksdale AFB, Louisiana (designator)
BOSBell Operating System
BOSBoss over Shoulder
BOSBranchiootic Syndrome
BOSBusiness Operating Standards
BOSBattlefield Operation Systems
BOSBudget Operating System (Army)
BOSBack-Off Sub (drilling industry)
BOSBombay Orthopedic Society
BOSBootable Operating System
BOSBase Operating Supplies
BOSBasic Officer School
BOSBalance of Sale
BOSBudget Obligation System
BOSBackground Operating System
BOSBless Our Souls
BOSBroadband on Screen (TV Remote Control)
BOSBrother Over Shoulder
BOSBinary Orthogonal Signal
BOSBands Of Separation
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The digested products were electrophoresed in 3% (SRY, ND5) or 5% (ND4) agarose gels and visualized on the UV light for identifying different restriction enzyme digestion patterns between Bos taurus (Hanwoo) and Bos indicus alleles.
Which BOS markets will see the greatest opportunities for component cost reduction?
Country: , USA, CanadaSector: Petroleum/Natural Gas/Coal, Business and Consumer ServicesTarget: BOS Solutions LtdBuyer: BOS' management, Advent International CorporationType: LBOStatus: Closed
Mounting structures are an access point for both BOS cost reductions and business opportunity," said Manhal Aboudi, the report's author.
Penalties -- Plekanec, Mon (high-sticking), 1:30; Marchand, Bos (holding), 13:01.
In case NWB fails to execute any monthly purchase, BOS shall be released from its undertaking to sell to NWB the then outstanding balance of the NWB Stock.
Penalties -- Miller, Bos (roughing), 4:01; Eller, Mon (hooking), 10:28; Eller, Mon (unsportsmanlike conduct), 16:09; Krug, Bos (roughing), 16:09; Meszaros, Bos (roughing), 16:23; Thornton, Bos (unsportsmanlike conduct), 18:09.
A live Webcast of the conference call will be available on the BOS web site at www.
Penalties -- Lucic, Bos (high-sticking), 14:29; DeKeyser, Det (holding), 16:48; Eriksson, Bos (goaltender interference), 18:40; Franzen, Det (holding), 19:23; B.
Strongly committed to this new strategy, BOS embarked on organizational and structural changes encompassing all divisions of the Company including moving our geographical locations to focus on vital business and investment centers.
Penalties -- Chara, Bos (roughing), 1:19; Moen, Mon, major (fighting), 4:50; Miller, Bos, minor-major (cross-checking, fighting), 4:50.
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