BOSDBoard of Supervisory Directors (Pharming Group; Netherlands)
BOSDBrotherhood of Square Dance (Kontich, Belgium)
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It also appears embodied, in a billboard for the ubiquitous RIGO BosD underwear that sits on an intersection passed by each character in the Bolivian stories and whose advertising image featuring Tyler we see produced in 'Angels and Billboards.' (4)
The director had it mounted at an intersection in Santa Cruz and a related website promptly began receiving inquiries about manufacturing rights for the underwear (whose name joins that of the production company for Sexual Dependency, BosD, with what may be an abbreviation for Bellot's first name, Rodrigo).
But within a month of its assembly, the accompanying website to the RIGO BOSD ad became one of the most visited websites in upstate New York, and Bolivian manufacturers of American clothing companies began inquiring about the manufacturing rights to the fake brand.