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"It seems the only escape from being held hostage to the whims of the commodity markets, exchange rates and retail margins every summer is the more consistent and predictable cost of electricity for the cars of the future," Bosdet said.
AA spokesman Luke Bosdet added: "Firstly, the high cost of parking is sucking money out of consumer spending, money that could be spent in shops."
Bosdet said retailers were already making enough extra money with recent bank holiday sales and good weather pushing up sales from drivers of cold drinks and ice cream.
A spokesman for the AA, Luke Bosdet, said: "Now that we've seen unleaded above 110p, it could get to 117p where you will start to see driver anger.
Luke Bosdet, from the AA, said: "Drivers are in a good place with pump prices this summer, paying as much as 5p a litre less than a year ago."
AA spokesman Luke Bosdet said: "A dip in diesel pump prices at supermarkets is very welcome.
Spokesman Luke Bosdet said:"It's very irritating to find that your car has conked out and it does take time to drain the tank.
Luke Bosdet, the AA's fuel prices spokesman, said people were making fewer journeys and driving slower to save money.
AA spokesman Luke Bosdet said: "It's good to see that somebody other than Morrisons and Asda is taking the lead in dropping prices.
AA spokesman Luke Bosdet said: "Drivers have long recognised that pump price at motorway service areas are so ridiculously high they only fill up in emergencies, which is shame because there are a handful of motorway services with very competitive prices.
Luke Bosdet, the AA's spokesman on fuel prices, said: "Lower forecourt prices, down from October's highs of 131.5p for petrol and nearly 137p for diesel, are showing benefits.