BOSFBest of Santa Fe (Santa Fe Reporter; Santa Fe, NM)
BOSFBorneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (Indonesia; est. 1991)
BOSFBears of San Francisco
BOSFBlack Ops Strike Force (gaming clan)
BOSFBalikpapan Orangutan Survival Foundation
BOSFBest Opposite-Sex Friend
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Les financements obtenus par BOSF pesent evidemment dans cette imbrication entre l'appareil d'Etat et le reseau mondial de financement et de militantisme de l'ONG.
Enfin, les bonnes relations entre les cadres de BOSF et l'administration locale souffrent d'une suspicion permanente de corruption.
The BOSF has launched a competition to find an easy to maintain, hard wearing, but good looking template to help ensure between 150 to 300 flower beds are allowed to thrive.
BOSF chairwoman Emma Woolf said: "We all know that rose beds in parks have suffered over many decades from financial constraints, skill shortages and changes in climate and lifestyles.
Five groups have contacted BOSF this year about the threats to their local spaces, including Ravenhurst Playing Fields, West Hill Rec, Holloway Head Playing Fields, Nocks Brickworks and Moorpool Estate.