BOSPBing Overseas Studies Program (Stanford University)
BOSPBureau of State Payrolls (Florida)
BOSPBulletin Officiel du Service des Prix (French: Official Bulletin of Service Awards)
BOSPBoston Ocular Surface Prosthesis
BOSPBeginning of Sea Passage (commercial shipping)
BOSPBase Objectives & Strategies Plan
BOSPBing Overseas Program in Paris (Stanford University)
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the choice of a general contractor for the construction of the facility technical modernization of the existing x-ray room for the installation of a digital panoramic x-ray machine at bosp uz at pushkinskaya 23, 1 object (s) 42 213.
Abid Malik, BOSP Director General Shamim Rafique, Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Convener Nasira Taskeen, and officers from departments concerned also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the importance of documenting small and cottage industry in Punjab.
To address this issue, we compared the prevalence of these parasites in stained blood smears from 4 conspecific Sonoran desert Aimophila sparrow species sampled during their breeding season: rufous-winged (Aimophila carpalis; RWSP), rufous-crowned (Aimophila ruficeps; RCSP), Cassin's (Aimophila cassinii, CASP), and Botteri's (Aimophila botterii; BOSP) sparrows.