BOSQBushwalkers of Southern Queensland (Australia)
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OTC Bulletin Board: HIET) today announced that it has changed the venue of its two-week training session for HiEnergy's MiniSenzor BOSQ (bomb squad) detector for the Spanish anti-terror police (TEDAX) of Barcelona from Irvine, California to Madrid, Spain, per the request of the Spanish Ministry of Defense, which oversees all counterterrorism activities in Spain.
As a result, HiEnergy intends to bring the portable Stochiometer BOSQ 3B3 at the same time it plans to test its CarBomb Finder(TM) 3C3 for the Directorate of Spanish Airports and Navigation (AENA).
HiEnergy's portable Stoichiometer BOSQ 3B3 detected explosives in January 2003 field tests for the United States Navy with 100% accuracy.