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BOSSESBefore Our Success Stood Everyday Struggles
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The differences in their personalities, values and attitude in life are apparent in the approaches they adopt in supervising their teams, and how they are in turn perceived as bosses. Some bosses suit certain situations, teams or times better than others, therefore organisational context matters a lot as you look for ways of becoming a good boss.
Finally, the great follower works his bosses' priorities and areas of emphasis.
Sure, P-Noy said we were his bosses, but did we really live up to that job?
In the 1980s, male bosses held as much as a 34-point advantage over female bosses, making the current (and statistically insignificant) two-point difference notable.
Both of those are traits that bosses look for in their employees.
Great bosses are able to step back, set aside a mistake, and think about the whole employee.
Eventually, your boss will see you as a much-needed ally to make him or her look good, which is all what most bad bosses want in the first place.
None of the 50 bosses interviewed for this study did all six things; almost all focused on just one or two of them and did those very well.
What bosses think: You're really disorganised and therefore unreliable.
In the article 'The boss as human shield' (Harvard Business Review, September 2010), Robert I Sutton, writes,"They (bosses) take pride in being human shields, absorbing or deflecting heat from inside and outside the company...
According to the Mirror, although United bosses are ready to sanction a 200 million-dollar summer spending spree, doubts over Moyes being the right man to give the funds are pilling on, given the club's poor show this season under the Scot.
IF THERE IS ANY belief in the universe more ubiquitous than the belief that there is a universe, it is that bosses are idiots (aka iBosses).