BOSUBoth Sides Up (balance trainer)
BOSUBritish Ophthalmological Surveillance Unit (Royal College of Ophthalmologists; London, England, UK)
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Work in releve on unstable surfaces, like BOSU balance trainers, foam pads or wobble boards, which will force you to find your center.
The TOB measurement was used during the pretest, posttest, and 2-week post training as a means to evaluate improvement of balance during a single leg stance test on the BOSU.
For each trial, participants were asked to stand with eyes shut, on their dominant leg with arms crossed on the chest and the non-dominant leg flexed at a 45[degrees] angle atop the BOSU.
The BOSU balls - which have been recently purchased by Tees Active's Health and Fitness team - are currently being used by some of the US Olympic teams and numerous professional sports clubs in North America as an integral part of their fitness and conditioning programmes.
Trunk muscle activity during various resistance exercises performed on the ground and on a BOSU Balance Trainer.
performs injection molding for the BOSU platform, overmold, and black clamps.
Versalloy imparts necessary physical properties to the BOSU, including a non-skid surface that is said to deter skid marks during use.
Participants have so much fun bouncing on the BOSU that they don't realize how much work goes into the class.
1 piece balancing exercise mat - BOSU - 3 pieces Flexibar - vibrating voice flexible exercise bar with non-slip grip.
The set of resistance overcoming skills tasks include: rolling a tube backwards (time necessary to cover a 6 meters long area moving backwards), carrying the medicine balls (time necessary to cover a 3 meters area carrying a 3 kg medicine ball 2 times), carrying the BOSU (Pilates) ball around cones (time necessary to cover a 7.