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Despite being pressed for time, Botan spoke to Gulf News as she was eagerly assembling her Green City robot.
Botan is a Japanese product produced by PT Maya Muncar under license of Mitsui Co.
Botan, "Introduction to the Paradigm Struggle in Public Relations," Public Relations Review 19 (1993), pp.
Some writers in the field of functionalist PR refer to the holistic concept of dialogue with a capital "D" and see it as the norm for PR practices (e.g., Botan, 1997; Pearson, 1989).
Among this group was pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP)'s E[currency]yrnak deputy Leyla Birlik, Ay-ry deputy Berdan EuztE-rk, MuE- deputy Burcu Ecelik Euzkan, Van deputy Lezgin Botan and E[currency]yrnak Mayor Serhat Kadyrhan.
Botan Kebab House on Berry Street, Liverpool, has been named one of the best places to grab a kebab as the British Kebab Awards launches its third annual event.
Aqui, si uno es periodista no puede hablar porque lo botan de su trabajo, si es empleado del sector publico tiene que estar calladito porque si se enteran que critica al gobierno lo sacan del empleo, si es pequeno comerciante y critica los impuestos va el Servicio de Rentas Internas y clausura su negocio".
BV McCann's creative partner, Adrian Botan, argues that a decision was taken a few years ago to position BV McCann as a regional agency, aligning with interna- tional standards and attempting to create campaignsthatwereoutoftheordinary.Im- portantly,however,theagencysnappedupvi- sionary clients that weren't afraid to take risks.
Botan Ahmed, a businessman, got his daughter?s name tattooed on his arm in Chinese.
As Botan (2006) points out, issues "are not absent one moment and then spring into life full-blown the next.
Acepta que en sentido estricto el llego a ser propiedad del consorcio televisivo: "Te manipulan y utilizan como cualquier objeto, y cuando dejas de ser util te botan".
Ayse Botan Berker, head of Fitch Turkey, said that Turkey would grow below average of the group 2B in which Turkey is evaluated.