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BOTBBattle of the Bands
BOTBBack of the Book
BOTBBest of The Best
BOTBBattle of the Blades (Canadian reality TV show)
BOTBBattle of the Bulge
BOTBBrother of the Badge
BOTBBritish Overseas Trade Board
BOTBBottom of the Barrel
BOTBBattle of the Brains
BOTBBabies on the Brain
BOTBBrothers of the Blade
BOTBBrothers of the Bottle
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Badnaam upped the excitement by following their first track with a piece 'Shaam-i-Qalandar' that they had also performed on BOTB.
I've been playing BOTB for years so I was speechless when I saw Christian as I knew what it meant.
BOTB boss Will Hindmarch said: "I have the best job in the world.
BOTB boss Will Hindmarsh then "ambushed" the 36-year-old sparky with the keys to a new DB9, as his workmates cheered him on.
The life-changing moment was captured on camera as BOTB managing director Will Hindmarch broke the news to Mr Hutchings, who works at his business Commercial Floorings UK Ltd.
BOTB ends on Saturday night with performances by Arwa, Malikah and Faithless, on their 20th anniversary tour.
For more info about the BOTB and Detroit Michigan CCW Classes, please contact:
It was so heartening to see quite a few schoolkids knowing the band's songs by heart, especially the ones that Kashmir played during the BOTB contest.
Sitting in the driver's seat of the top-of-the-range M4 - capable of speeds of up to 155mph - self-confessed petrolhead Alan described the moment he saw BOTB boss William Hindmarch at his front gate.
Gerard had entered a spot the ball competition on the BOTB website on Sunday afternoon, just hours before the competition deadline.