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BOTDABrillouin Optical Time Domain Analysis
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(iii) Coherent BOTDA using phase- and polarization-diversity and heterodyne detection and embedded digital signal processing [27].
He, "Strain dynamic range enlargement of slope-assisted BOTDA by using brillouin phase-gain ratio," Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol.
The temperature profile using BOTDA given in Figure 16(a) cannot resolve the small changes in section A while the large ones in section B are clearly visible.
Caption: Figure 16: Distributed temperature profile near two sections A and B heated, respectively, with small and large temperature changes [49]: (a) BOTDA for profiling in section B and (b) [phi]-OTDR for resolved profiling in section A.
Settings of various parameters of BOTDA in the experiment are shown in Table 6.
Caption: Figure 3: Basic principle diagram of BOTDA.
[101] carried out an investigation on cable force monitoring by use of the local high-precision FBG sensor in combination with the distributed BOTDA sensing technique.
BOTDA sensors and FBG sensors were assessed during the bolt pull-out experiment.
Based on the BOTDA sensing technology, PPP-BOTDA further improves the accuracy of Brillouin frequency identification that generates a broad bandwidth pulse before a narrow bandwidth one arrives.
And hence the independent temperature compensation is achieved for BOTDA strain sensors.
In this study, the distributed optical fiber sensing technique based on Brillouin Optical Time-Domain Analysis (BOTDA) was considered to monitor the ground deformation.
The BOTDA interrogator used for the strain measurements implements the setup shown in Figure 1.