BOTDRBrillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometry
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[76] experimentally investigated the feasibility of corrosion monitoring of reinforced concrete structures by use of BOTDR sensors.
[99] introduced two types of optical fiber sensing technologies (FBG and BOTDR) for health monitoring of rehabilitated reinforced concrete girder bridges, and the static and dynamic loading tests were carried out with a simply supported reinforced concrete T-beam strengthened by externally posttensioned aramid fiber reinforced polymer (AFRP).
Lu, "Feasibility study on corrosion monitoring of a concrete column with central rebar using BOTDR," Smart Structures and Systems, vol.
In previous BOTDR applications, optical fibers were installed about 5 m behind the excavation faces of roadways to avoid interference with the installation of supporting structures (rockbolts, cable bolts, steel meshes, etc.).
Development of the BOTDR Monitoring System for Surrounding Rock Control in Underground Coal Mines
The underground unit of the monitoring system contains the communication system and BOTDR sensing system.
BOTDR sensing system comprises laser light source, pulse modulation unit, optical heterodyne receiver, electrical heterodyne receiver, digital processor, and optical fiber sensors.
The BOTDR monitoring system is capable of measuring [+ or -] 15000 [mu][epsilon] with an accuracy of [+ or -]15 [mu][epsilon].
The total cost of BOTDR monitoring operation in this study is 300,000 RMB, whereas if FBG sensors had been used as alternatives, in this case, the cost would increase to over 600,000 RMB due to the high price of FBG sensors (700 RMB).
In previous BOTDR monitoring applications in coal mines, optical fiber sensors were typically installed on the rock surface.
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