BOTECBoard of Teacher Education and Certification (est. 1965; Canada)
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In terms of collaboration, BOTEC is the national focal point for a number of international S&T bodies including the Commonwealth, World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organisations, and the World Energy Council.
These proposed research councils are based in part on alternative providers of research such as the Botswana Institute of Development Policy Analysis, which is being proposed to become a broadened National Council for Social Sciences Research, and BOTEC, which will become the National Council for Industrial Research after merging with RIPCO.
Under one scenario, if 330 stores are permitted--roughly the number of liquor stores operating before privatization--Snohomish County could be home to between 30 and 37 pot shops, according to a June report prepared by the state's consultant, BOTEC.
BOTEC is a think tank specializing in crime and drug policy and will serve as the prime contractor to the liquor board.
According to its bid, BOTEC has "a wealth of experts in formalized cultivation and testing, quality standards, statistical modeling, policy analyses, dynamics of illicit markets, law enforcement, drug control, drug dependency economics and rule-making.