BOTRBack on the Road
BOTRBest of the Rest
BOTRBored of the Rings (parody of Lord of the Rings)
BOTRBeaufort Ole Towne Rotary (Beaufort, NC)
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What is more, parodies akin to BotR or Barry Trotter lack invention; they rehash the plots and characters of their source text to achieve a maximum effect of recognition.
When Tolkien paved the way for fantasy as a genre, its modular elements were cast in a more recognisable pattern--one which was easier to mock and parody, exemplified by works such as BotR. Pratchett took this more humorous outlook on fantasy as his outset: "Discworld started as an antidote to bad fantasy, because there was a big explosion of fantasy in the late '70s, an awful lot of it was highly derivative, and people weren't bringing new things to it" ("Discworld & Beyond" 4).
The Discworld, however, seems to suffer from the same problems as fantasy parodies per se: The reader's suspension of disbelief is repeatedly broken by blatant allusions to source texts (as in the dependence of BotR on LotR), meta-fictional commentaries, or puns and other plays on words.
Variables MGPC1 MGPC2 LMLN 0.236 0.021 SN1R 0.146 0.371 LFLT2R 0.234 0.064 SN2R 0.239 0.149 LFLT3R 0.257 0.141 BOTR 0.255 0.152 SG6 0.089 0.169 SG7 0.234 0.147 SG8 0.307 0.180 SG9 0.288 -0.111 SG10 0.398 -0.721 WDN 0.241 0.128 BR3 0.366 -0.257 BR4 0.299 0.310 Proportion total variance 0.59 0.15 TABLE 2.
According to COA, a total P117.696 million DAP Funds meant for two NIA Projects have not been returned to the Bureau of Treasury (BOTr) despite previous having advised the agency to do so.
The Supreme Court (SC) has ordered the Bureau of Treasury (BoTr) to return to the holders of the P35 billion worth of Poverty Eradication and Alleviation Certificate (PEACe) bonds the P5 billion the bureau retained as 20 percent final withholding tax (FWT) upon maturity of the 10-year bonds on October 18, 2011.
The SC reprimanded the BoTr for its continued retention of the amounts withheld.
"Respondent BoTr had the duty to obey the TRO (temporary restraining order) issued by this court, which remained in full force and effect, until set aside, vacated, or modified.