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BOTSBased on a True Story
BOTSBring on the Snow (weather slang)
BOTSBells of the Sound (Seattle handbell group)
BOTSBattle of the Sexes (gaming)
BOTSBureau of Transportation Statistics (US Research and Innovative Technology Administration)
BOTSBest of the Show
BOTSBlood of the Spider (gaming)
BOTSBureau of Traffic Safety (Wisconsin and Kansas)
BOTSBells on Temple Square (handbell choir)
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"Grinch bots cannot be allowed to steal Christmas, or dollars," Senator Charles Schumer said in a recent release.
In 2016, almost 25% of requests made on e-commerce sites came from a bad bot. On average, bad bots create 22% of e-commerce traffic.
The ratio of bots per internet connected user in the GCC was
Political bots and the manipulation of public opinion in Venezuela.
Bots are Internet-connected devices of any kind, such as laptops, phones, IoT devices, baby monitors, etc.
On the trickier side is the question of customer engagement and bots. In my research, engagement is a result of an emotional attachment--a customer in some way identifies with a brand and that drives loyalty.
That has enabled bots to fall into place as next-generation online chat apps, improved IVR solutions, or automated FAQ web links.
With the Engagement BOT, Treebo is looking to harness computer vision to automate some of the services offered by the guest desk for a faster, smoother and more cost effective way to service customers.
Despite all the early hype, brands need to be careful to set realistic expectations for what bots can do now and what they can do a year from now.
Most bots will fail occasionally, but a good bot will fail endearingly.
On the enterprise side, we have also seen increased activity, with a new wave of startups focused exclusively on bots entering the market in early 2016.
Every service delivered today via website or app, will be delivered tomorrow via bots. Every brand, business and startup will need to build bots.