BOTUBoard of Trade Unit (electrical energy measurement)
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A voucher specimen was deposited in the "BOTU" Herbarium, Department of Botany, UNESP, Botucatu, SP, number 24415.
of grind) 6.6 15.51 ek.ka (one-horse vehicle in India) ok.ka (an 114.411 eth.yls sty.ful \Egyptian weight) 1113.3111 stum.bles trampler 1131.1311 superman 21111.11112 deton.ating grous.eland 12111.11121 adela.ntado (a Spanish grandee) 2121.1212 degraded 213.312 gam.bed gim.ped 51.15 ki.nk ki.rk 411.114 hea.rty fourth funlow vanish 3111.1113 botu.lism coli.seum platinum 1311.1131 scle.roma 11112.21111 strag.glier nonad.dress 11121.12111 Laude.rdale landl.adies 312.213 pig.
Imamura Yoshio takes this, however, to mean pingmin [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (also pingding [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPODUCIBLE IN ASCII] or botu [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPODUCIBLE IN ASCII], terms used to denote untrained soldiers.
Gemtchujnicov" (BOTU) Herbarium of the Department of Botany, Botucatu Institute of Biosciences, UNESP, under numbers 23 132 and 23 133, and 23 189 to 23 191.
The plant was identified and authenticated by experts from Botanical Department, (UNESP--Botucatu, Sao Paulo State, Brazil), where a voucher specimen (BOTU 22306) has been deposited.