BOWCBoard of Water Commissioners
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While the BOWC has independently chosen to consult with a retail customer advocate, Orr's plan would allow City Council to appoint its own advocate annually to represent the interests of city residents.
199) However, recent reforms made to the BOWC, allowing for effective suburban representation, demonstrate operational improvements.
Although local control has failed over the past 40 years with the water department under city management, recent reforms to the DWSD and BOWC have begun to improve water department operations.
Currently, the three additional commissioners on the BOWC reside in Wayne.
Although the water distribution system has been managed by the BOWC since 1853 the name of Detroit's water department has often changed.
Press Release, City of Detroit, DWSD's BOWC Endorses Historic Restructuring (Mar.
In 2011, the BOWC enacted reforms pursuant to a court order that was part of the ongoing court proceedings concerning the EPA's case against Detroit regarding the city's NPDES permit violations.
According to Hupp, the added staff has improved BOWC leadership.