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1917) and Frederick Grantham Vyner (1846-70), he arrived in Athens on 7 April; Edward Lloyd was employed by the company running the railway from Athens to Piraeus; Edward Henry Charles Herbert and Alberto de Boyl were the secretaries of the British and Italian Legations respectively (see Romilly Jenkins, The Dilessi Murders, London: Prion, 1998 [first edition: 1961], 26-7).
(14) References to the entremes are found in the Codex of Jesuit College, numerous School Dramas, Juan de la Cueva's Comedia del tutor, Carlos Boyl's Romance a un licenciado.
(24) Rather, we see concise, imperative clauses, with an additive sentence structure, as in the recipe "To preserve Quinces white": "Take and pare and core them, and to every pound of your equall weights in Sugar and Quince, take a pinte of water; put them together, and boyl them as fast as you can uncovered; and this way you may also preserve Pippins white as you do Quinces." (25) Similarly, the medicinal recipe "For a sore Throat" directs the reader to "Mingle burnt Allum, the yolk of an Egge, powder of White Dogs turd, and some Honey together, tye a clowt on the end of a stick wet in this mixture, and therewith rub the throat: or mixe white Dogs turd and Honey, spread it on Sheeps leather, and apply it to the Throat." (26)
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Deputy mayor Mike Nangle, general manager Jason Pressick' Amrik and Anita Pannum, David Singleton, Paula and David Shortman' Mark Gribben, Kay Cadman, James Atherton, Stanley Kerr, Sue Davies' Richard Williamson, Julia Smith, Tim Nash, Xavier Parker' Jade Bayliss, Elouise Grant, Julia Print, Paul King, Tim King, Carrie Blake, Charlene McQuoid, Juliet Mortiss, Dan Hodgetts (all Pertemps)' Sarah Williams, Paul Salisbury, John and Annie Corstorphine, Derek Goddard, David Singleton' Sheka and Jon Sharman, Clifford Phipps, Denise Brighton, Alan Birch' Debbie and Matthew Arnold, Karen Boyl' Carl Stacey, Chris Strange, Helen and Aaron Firth, Duncan Berry' Julia Meering, Sandie Leask, Karen Boyle' Andrea Tubb, Sara Hill, managing partner David Singleton, Kelly Knight
In 1918 she wrote, As an anarchist I am opposed to the rigid centralization the Boyl. proclaim and as much opposed to the Dictatorship of the Proletariat as to that of the Bourgeoisie.' She added, "But the very fact that they are so attacked and maligned compels me to stand up for them and with them." She also believed that anyone with a "revolutionary spark' would put aside differences in the face of the "attempt to crush the Soviet.
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