BPA1Bullous Pemphigoid Antigen-1
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Human exposure to bisphenol A (BPA1. Repro Toxicology 24(21:139-177, https://doi.org/10.
E possivel afirmar estatisticamente (p< 0,05) que houve relacao positiva entre afideos e himenopteros nos pomares PC3 (r = 0,7137), BPA1 (r = 0,5283) e BPA2 (r = 0,5736).
To amplify and record the activity of the neurons and summary slow potentials, breathing, and the myogram of the hind paws, on which the electrocutaneous shock was applied, the following devices were used: biopotential amplifiers BPA1 or BPA2, the Universal electrophysiological device UEF1-03 (constructed by the Central Construction Bureau of Universal Devices of the Russian Academy of Sciences), and an 8-channel ink-writer (USCH8-03).