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BPACBaruch Performing Arts Center (New York, NY)
BPACBusiness Procurement Assistance Center (West Bend, WI)
BPACBest Practice Advocacy Centre (New Zealand)
BPACBicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (Durham, NC)
BPACBy-Pass Aorto Coronarico (Italian: Aortic-Coronary Bypass)
BPACBurnsville Performing Arts Center (Minnesota)
BPACBudget Program Activity Code
BPACBiometric Portable Acquisition Computer (MaxVision)
BPACBoston Progress Arts Collective
BPACBalanced Poverty Accuracy Criterion
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With regards to testicular cancer, BPAC states that diagnosis should be made on "clinical signs and symptoms [and] investigations including ultrasound and CT scans" (3).
Saying he felt residents should talk to BPAC members instead of complaining to selectmen, Mr.
The BPAC comprises eminent personalities such as Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, chairperson, Biocon, T.
As previously announced, the BPAC voted 11 to 8, with one abstention, against proceeding with the proposed 1100-patient, RESUS Phase IIb/III trial.
Shaw, managing trustee and president of the BPAC, said the list of candidates was finalised after due diligence of available records and BPAC's internal assessment of the candidates.
To avoid pre-empting discussion of issues that may arise at the BPAC meeting, Biopure has generally avoided responding on the record to recent media inquiries.
We look forward to presenting the result of this joint effort to BPAC, and hearing their views on this significant step forward toward defining a US approval pathway for INTERCEPT pathogen inactivated platelets.
The BPAC meeting represents the culmination of lengthy discussions between the FDA and Nabi Biopharmaceuticals concerning the data that might be accepted to support the BLA.
At the public meeting, Hermes Chan, MedMira's president and COO will present the company's solution for over-the-counter (OTC) home-use HIV tests to the BPAC.
The Company will meet with the FDA to discuss plans for the upcoming BPAC meeting.
The advisory committee's 15-1 vote supporting licensure was made July 24th, after Roche Molecular Systems (RMS) presented results from their clinical study at a meeting of the BPAC.
The FDA's preliminary review of this information was presented to the BPAC.