BPADBipolar Affective Disorder
BPADBroadcast Public Affairs Detachment
BPADBisynchronous Packet Assembler/Disassembler
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Majority of the patients receiving antidepressants for depressive disorder in our study were males (57.86%) as compared to females (42.13%), and in our study, common disorders among the patients receiving antidepressants were depressive disorder (92.47%), schizophrenia with depression (6.18%), and BPAD (1.5%).
Only occasional studies have evaluated PAC among the caregivers of patients with BPAD. A study from our centre evaluated PAC using the Experience of Caregiving Inventory (ECI), (23) which assesses caregiving appraisal using the framework of stress-appraisal coping.
In the family setup, BPAD affected 53 patients, followed by schizophrenia (17 patients) and substance abuse (16 patients).
(2011) introduced the concept of biological pathway activating dose (BPAD) and, as a starting point for the establishment of the BPAD, used the [ToxCast.sup.TM] [AC.sub.50] values (the concentration at 50% of maximum activity) as PODs in their illustration of the BPAD concept.
Moreover, psychotropic drugs used for the treatment of BPAD lead to weight gain and metabolic disturbances, including alterations in lipid and glucose metabolism.
The Bpad, through its proprietary features, will help to foster self confidence and positive overall feelings by enabling its users to complete tasks on their own.
Other conditions eligible for benefit under PWD Act, 1995 viz, dementia, BPAD and OCD were markedly underrepresented in the current study.
After adjustment for all potential con-founders except maternal age, the hazard ratios for risk of BPAD for each 10-year increase in paternal age was 1.28, but this fell to 1.20 after adjustment for maternal age.
In BPAD, both biological (e.g., genes) and environmental (e.g., early life stress) factors may contribute to illness severity and chronicity.
Quality of life and burden of care is an important parameter if we look at multiple psychiatric illnesses like schizophrenia, OCD, BPAD. In this aspect, the dual diagnosis also assumes significance.