BPAIBoard of Patent Appeals and Interferences
BPAIBoris Peters Associates International (Baltimore, MD)
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Ultimately, the BPAI found that the patent claim was an abstract idea
Here, the BPAI appeared to struggle with grasping the definition of the technology itself and consequently applied the prior art too broadly in making its obviousness determination.
do not like the result before the BPAI can then appeal to the Federal
majority of the court will incline to the views of the BPAI and the
In the 2 mo since this opinion was issued, the BPAI cited Bilski in live separate cases involving a rejection of claims for nonpatentable subject matter.
149) The BPAI found claim 2 representative of all the claims remaining in the case.
That's the course inventor Gil Hyatt took after the BPAI rejected his appeal of a USPTO decision.
appeal before the BPAI, he may appeal the BPAI's decision to the
The multiparty interference was declared by the BPAI on