BPASBritish Pregnancy Advisory Service
BPASBenefit Plans Administrative Services (various locations)
BPASBuilding Permit Allocation System (various states)
BPASBest Practice AIDS Standard (Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria)
BPASBachelor of Physical Activity Studies
BPASBody Profile Analysis System (health assessment)
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A BPAS spokeswoman said: "From today we will share the number for the Abortion Care Central Booking line with GPs and other healthcare professionals in Northern Ireland.
Anti-abortionists who often regard BPAS as a parasitic private "charity" leaching funds from the NHS, will of course criticise it, but the poor quality of the research is painfully evident from reading the report.
Perhaps the other three-quarters recognised that what they were being offered outside the clinic was real help and support-something that they are not offered in BPAS clinics in short, a genuine choice.
Following the purchase, BPAS will generate more than USD41m (EUR30m) in annual revenue, administer over 3,600 plans and provide custodial services to about USD13.
De conformidade com a Figura 1A, a inoculacao de FMA proporcionou efeito significativo na BPAS de plantas de soja em relacao a testemunha sem inoculo fungico.
Ethics A BPAS spokeswoman said the only criteria for taking part in the course was that the medical student had completed one year of medical school, had a basic medical knowledge, an understanding of confidentiality and ethics, and was able to explain in writing why they wanted to take part.
One of the things that this BPAS campaign doesn't encourage is responsible sexual behaviour.
BPAS says the UK should follow other countries, including the US, France and Sweden, in allowing women to safely complete their terminations without repeated visits to a clinic.
The Department of Health allows BPAS to run its services out of surgeries after the practice was first introduced just over a year ago.
Since April the Department of Health has let BPAS run its early abortion clinics in the region.
For independent advice contact your local family planning department on 0845 1228690, Brook on 0800 0185023 or the BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) on 08457 30 40 30 or www.
BPAS refers women abroad for later abortions, as it is not against UK law to advise women of options abroad and they argue that failing to do so would be morally reprehensible.