BPATBuilding Performance Assessment Team
BPATBackflow Prevention Assembly Tester (professional license)
BPATBonneville Power Administration Transmission (Portland, OR)
BPATBuffered Plate Antigen Test (microbiology)
BPATBolus Peak Arrival Time
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The BPAT used readily observable behaviorsfacial expressions, verbal responses, and muscle responsesas potential indicators of pain during the procedures.
In this group, pain intensity and distress were rated on a standard ten-point scale, in addition to the BPAT.
The firefight lasted for 45 minutes and resulted in the wounding of a BPAT member and two MILF members.
Efren Nabor, 63, a resident and BPAT member, said: If I find a drug addict here, I will not hesitate to report him/her to the police.
The BPAT members were overpowered in terms of firepower and number of fighters, reports said.
Evangelista said the firearms will equip the BPAT and CSU operatives, considered police's "force multipliers" in their campaign against criminality.
But not all BPAT and CSU operatives will have guns.
All wounded BPAT personnel were brought to the Sulu provincial hospital while the two injured Marines were taken to Camp Bautista Station hospital.
Arrojado said the timely response of the BPAT clearly foiled the Abu Sayyaf attack.
Police assistance desks manned by police and BPAT personnel will be set up near schools and universities in the region.