BPBMBearer Plane Binding Manager
BPBMBernice Pauahi Bishop Museum (now Bishop Museum; Honolulu, HI)
BPBMBovine Porous Bone Mineral
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Overal; deposited in MPEG; Ceara: Limoeiro, VI-1940, 1 male (26.486) and 1 female (26.488), Shannon & Alves; deposited in BPBM; 2 males (26.490 and 26.492) and 5 females (26.485, 26.487, 26.489, 26.491 and 26.493), Shannon & Alves; Russas, II-1940, 1 female (26.506), Shannon & Alves; deposited in MZUSP; Rio Grande do Norte: Ceara Mirim, X-1940, 1 female (26.541), D.
Larson, 02 February 1977; BPBM 41144, 7 specimens (5 males, 19.1-22.0 mm SL & 2 females, 14.8-16.5 mm SL), same data as holotype; BPBM 41146, male, 24.4 mm SL, cleared and stained, drop-off in 22 m, commensal on a sea fan, other data same as holotype; NSMT-P 114575, male, 18.2 mm SL, same data as BPBM 41146; USMN 410095, a male, 23.8 mm SL & a female, 17.0 mm SL, same data as BPBM 41146.
Changes of BP-BCPCCC at 90 d caused ascent ofboth CS and FS of BPBM. CS and FS of BP-BM were over 4%, 1.5 MPa and 44%, 2.33 MPa greater than that of RM at 90 d.
PARATYPES: same data as holotype, 20 [male][male] 24 [female][female] (BPBM); OTHER SPECIMENS EXAMINED: HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, Oahu, hills behind Dillingham AFB [Air Force Base], 14 December 1968, on Erythrina sandwicensis, W.
Histology slides were deposited in BPBM. The snout-vent length (SVL) of each specimen was measured from the tip of the snout to the posterior margin of the vent.
Berry (BPBM); paratype female, data as holotype (BPBM).
Holotype: BPBM 34220, female, 24.5 mm, Indonesia, Molucca Islands, Halmahera, Elmoos Reef, 0[degrees]10'N 128[degrees]0'E, silty sand and rubble, 55 m, quinaldine, J.
Arena, CA), SIO 69-23 (Central Pacific Ocean), SIO 48-245 (Santa Catalina Island, CA), SIO 62-427 (Eastern Pacific), SIO 73-325 (Central North Gyre, Pacific Ocean), SIO 60-548 (Tropical Eastern Pacific, gut contents of tuna), SIO 49-4 (Bel Air Beach, CA), SIO 64-236 (Unknown, probably CA), SIO 88-140 (San Diego, CA), SIO 65-686 (Tanner Bank), LACM 47301-1 (Monterey, CA), LACM 34176 (Los Angeles, CA), USNM 151118 (Clearwater Beach, Florida; X), BPBM 21102 (Oahu, Hawaii; P), BPBM 21106 (Oahu, Hawaii; P), BPBM 28812 (Hawaii; P), MCZ 15531 (North Sargasso Sea; P).
Comparative specimens of Paracheilinus angulatus examined include: BPBM 22526 (paratype), 59.9 mm SL, Batangas, Luzon, Philippines; WAM P.33128-004, 40.2 mm SL, Brunei.
Forster (BPBM); 1 [female], Monasavu Watershed [17[degrees]45 S, 178[degrees]04'E], 1100 m, vegetation beating, 29-30 November 2002, D.
Paratypes: AMS I.43830-001, male, 65.1 mm SL, Windesi, (02[degrees] 24.871'S 134[degrees] 13.433'E), Cenderawasih Bay, Irian Jaya Barat Province, Indonesia, 35 m, clove oil and hand net, Mark Erdmann, 23 February 2006; BPBM 40414, female, 38.9 mm SL and male, 52.7 mm SL, collected with holotype; USNM 385876, male, 56.5 mm SL, Tanjung Kimbo (03[degrees] 14.767'S 135[degrees] 33.612'E), Cenderawasih Bay, Papua Province, Indonesia, 25-35 m, clove oil, M.