BPCFBritish Precast Concrete Federation
BPCFBritish Postal Chess Federation (est. 1962; UK)
BPCFBell Pottinger Corporate Financial (London, England, UK)
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I look forward to the results of the BPCF selection panels and hope to see a number of high quality projects receiving support from my Department.
BPCF is part of the agricultural Greenhouse Gas strategy and action plan (Efficient Farming cuts Greenhouse Gases).
The BPCF is open to applications for 12 weeks from Monday 10 September 2012.
The Minister recently visited the Blakiston-Houston farm in Carrowreagh, County Down to view the Anaerobic Digester which was installed at the premises with support from the BPCF. This dairy, beef and arable farm utilises cattle slurry with a percentage of grass silage to produce heat and electricity to be used on-farm in direct support of agricultural activities.