BPCIBinibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated (est. 1964; beauty pageants)
BPCIBanca Popolare Commercio Industria (Italian commerce bank)
BPCIBattery Pack Charge Indicator
BPCIBellSouth Personal Communications, Inc.
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CMS has scheduled an open-door forum for those interested in participating in BPCI Advanced on Jan.
The study is designed to stimulate the experience of Medicare beneficiaries who would qualify for a bundled payment given BPCI definitions, which are linked to specified diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) as the "anchor" for participation.
In a statement issued by the organization, BPCI chair Stella Marquez-Araneta congratulated Peters 'for her phenomenal representation of the country in this year's Miss Universe pageant.
NaviHealth, for example, has partnered with 11 hospitals to take financial responsibility for episodes of care under BPCI Model 2--the most comprehensive model stretching from three days before admission to 90 days after discharge.
We believe that physicians practicing care that considers quality, cost, and outcomes will be essential contributors to success under bundled payment models like BPCI.
Further, the BPCI Act establishes, in most instances, a rather complex set of disclosures and counterdisclosures of patent information between the owner of a reference product and a biosimilar applicant--that process alone adds up to a 200-day timetable.
FDA held a 2-day public hearing in November 2010, to obtain input from interested stakeholders on specific issues and challenges associated with the implementation of the BPCI Act.
Raj even went as far as threatening to take the issue to the courts if the BPCI persisted on withholding her title.
The new ad restriction could thwart this turnaround, says Javier Asensio, president of BPCI and head of advertising sales at Liberty Media Intl.
The chair of the committee felt that BPCI could "negotiate" more favorable rates if they knew that they had a long-term contract with the Bar.