BPCRBlack Powder Cartridge Rifle
BPCRBreakout Procurement Center Representative
BPCRBritish Pedal Car Racing (UK)
BPCRBatch Production & Control Record
BPCRBluff Point Coastal Reserve (Connecticut)
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The BPCR concept includes knowing danger signs, planning for a skilled attendant at birth, selecting an appropriate birth location, arranging transportation, identifying a blood donor, and saving money in case of an obstetric complication (10).
After data collected from each client, counseling and education on BPCR and key danger signs are provided for women and their families.
BPCR can uncover the subtle differences between these two variables and identify which is the most important.
But, here's my bet: If there are shooters in your area involved in the cowboy action shooting or BPCR Silhouette games, they will travel some distance just to see what you have once word gets out that you have such items in stock.
I've won several matches with it and it is now a well-known rifle in the BPCR Silhouette community.
Before that in September I won a cash award at the annual Shiloh Invitational BPCR Silhouette event held on their private range near Big Timber, Montana.
Keep in mind too the BPCR crowd is a relatively small one compared to the numbers participating in other shooting sports.
A friend and I were traveling to Arizona to participate in their BPCR Silhouette State Championship.
As match director of the Montana Regional BPCR Silhouette Championship in June 2009 I took 20 of those tickets to the event.
The primary difference is BPCR Silhouette competitors can shoot off cross-sticks--sitting or prone--except the chickens must be fired at offhand.
On Friday there was a 60-shot match for scoped BPCR Silhouette and Saturday and Sunday had 40 shot events which were combined in an 80 shot aggregate for the iron sight championship.