BPCUBus Power Control Unit (avionics)
BPCUBits Per Channel Use
BPCUBeautiful Plains Credit Union (Canada)
BPCUBirmingham Police Credit Union (Birmingham, AL)
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In terms of the speed criterion or transaction response, FDTP users present the following problematic: (1) transmissions delays due to overload Internet sessions and traffic saturation operations in BPCU and public organizations servers because the hourly connection with TESOFE; (2) transaction procedure transmission interruptions; (3) lack of a programming response system for these contingencies; and (4) nonexistent user service center response to these situations.
Another important situation that BPCU failed to take into account in the design and development phases of the project was the potential incompatibility between existing technology and the hardware selected for the project.
Every fiscal year, BPCU establishes new regulations, programmatic structure changes, or budgetary framework PIPP and MEP modifications (SHCP Guia Funcional, 2003; SHCP Lineamientos Operativos, 2003; SHCP Manual de Programacion y Presupuesto, 2003).
The necessary technology for the PIPP project were established by the BPCU project team as functional, fast, safe, and practical (SHCP Guia Funcional, 2003).
In terms of speed criterion, meaning transaction response, PIPP also presents transmissions delays, overloaded Internet sessions, traffic saturation operations in BPCU and public organizations servers, transaction procedure transmission cuts, lack of a programming response system for these contingencies and lack of proper user service center response.
The objective was to coordinate the authorized budget and adjusted budget databases between the SSE and TESOFE systems, in particular for the SICP, which is the responsibility of BPCU and technically managed by TC.
The project design was adequate to manage both the authorized budget and adjusted budget databases, which are BPCU priorities.
As a result of this lack of functional connectivity, the BPCU project team has encountered many BIA transactions that are already signed by digital signature but are not accepted by SIAFF, because it also performs a previous validation process of the financial sufficiency for these transactions.
For example: (1) For initial BIA transaction, the Budgeting or Financial General Direction assigned user does not have information elements to realize this function; (2) for adjusted budget conciliation and analysis, BPCU personnel do not have knowledge and expertise over certain public organization's budgetary statistics.
BPCU personnel do not have the knowledge and expertise in certain public organization budgetary statistics to define a particular administrative unit programmatic structure.
Although BPCU and PBGD personnel in SSE that supervise SP document do not have access to information that may help to make budget projections, they can regard certain public organizations' budgetary statistics as defining a particular administrative unit programmatic structure.
This organizational exclusion was an unexpected result of the BPCU's single-organization view.