BPChBest Practices Clearinghouse
BPChBay Park Community Hospital (Oregon, OH)
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Therefore, the BPCh tool responds to user queries with a list of practices rated by how well they fit the project characteristics of the user making the query.
To develop the BPCh tool, we applied FC-MD's EMPEROR approach (Experience Management Portal using Empirical Results as Organizational Resources).
Since the users of the BPCh come from a wide variety of organizations and programs, any Experience Base will have difficulties in addressing all user needs.
These sections describe how these requirements are implemented in the case of the BPCh. In the BPCh, each practice has one associated Practice Record, containing information about the practice and what is available in the Clearinghouse, and zero to many Evidence Profiles, each of which contains a summary of a single organization's experience using the practice.
More information on the rating scale can be found on the BPCh page of the Acquisition Community Connection of DAU (https://acc.dau.mil/bpch).
* No status assigned/Initial entry: A new Practice Record is initially entered into the BPCh when it is nominated by our experts and/or user communities.
BPCh adopts an evidence-based approach, in which supporting evidence and practices for programs undergo a system of recommendations and vetting by government, industrial and academic members comprising a "practice providers network." The value added that BPCh provides is that stored evidence is contextualized, guiding users to lessons and practices relevant to their program, type of problem, or specific environment, which helps them learn from practical results--both good and bad--and may be applied in their environment.
Users should also bear in mind that additional and new evidence will continue to be added to existing practices recorded in BPCh, describing results in new contexts, with summaries updated as needed to reflect the new knowledge.
Visit BPCh at < https://bpch.dau.mil > for more information on this new tool, and if you have more questions please contact Mike Lambert, BPCh program manager, at michael.lambert@dau.mil, or John Hickok, DAU director of knowledge management, at john.hickok@dau.mil.
The BPCh will be a useful resource for capturing information about the characteristics of practices and for supporting practice selection.
An initial BPCh prototype is being demonstrated at the April 2005 System and Software Technology Conference.
For more information on the BPCh, contact John Hickok at john.hickok@dau.mil.